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Privacy Policy

Sentry Assurance takes the privacy of its entrusted Users seriously. Sentry Assurance is committed to protecting the confidentiality of information entrusted to it by Users, and has prepared this Privacy Policy to inform Users of Sentry Assurance’s practices and policies concerning the collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of personal information. Please read the following to learn more about Sentry Assurance’s Privacy Policy.

What this Privacy Policy covers

This Privacy Policy covers Sentry Assurance’s treatment of personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) collected by Sentry Assurance when a User accesses and uses the Sentry Assurance website and when a User uses Sentry Assurance’s services. This Privacy Policy also covers Sentry Assurance’s treatment of any Personal Information that Sentry Assurance, its subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners, share with Sentry Assurance or that Sentry Assurance may collect on a related entity’s or business partner’s website.

This Privacy Policy does not cover aggregated and/or anonymized data from which the identity of an individual cannot be determined. Sentry Assurance retains the right to use aggregated and/or anonymized data in any way Sentry Assurance deems appropriate.

Sentry Assurance has no control over the content of third party websites that may be identified on the Sentry Assurance website or, if applicable, accessed through hyperlinks.

Information collection

As a User browses Sentry Assurance’s website, Personal Information including without limitation a User’s name, address, phone numbers and e-mails addresses that a User provides, as well as information that is collected electronically concerning a User’s use of Sentry Assurance’s website, via cookies our Sentry Assurance’s software. “Cookies” are files or information that is stored on a User’s computer hard drive when a User visits Sentry Assurance’s website, and are used to remember that assist a User in the future use of the Sentry Assurance website. Most internet browsers are set up to accept cookies. If a User does not wish to accept cookies, a User can adjust its internet browser to refuse the use of cookies or alert the User when cookies are being transmitted.

In addition to the use of cookies, Sentry Assurance may collect other information about a User. For instance, Sentry Assurance may collect Personal Information about a User including without limitation the server that a User’s computer is logged onto, a User’s browser type (e.g., Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome), the type of computer operating system a User is using, the domain name of the website from which a User linked to the Sentry Assurance website or its software, and the pages a User views or requests. This type of information, however, will only be collected in the aggregate in connection with all Users of Sentry Assurance’s website for tracking, planning, forecasting and/or evaluation purposes.

User consent

A User’s providing of Personal Information to Sentry Assurance shall be deemed to mean that a User acknowledges this Privacy Policy, and provides express informed consent to Sentry Assurance’s collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of said User’s Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If, for some reason, a User does not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, then said User should not, and is requested not to, provide any Personal Information to Sentry Assurance. Certain services offered by Sentry Assurance, however, can only be provided by Sentry Assurance if a User provides Personal Information to Sentry Assurance; otherwise, said User may not be able to access Sentry Assurance’s software. Thus, if a User chooses not to provide Sentry Assurance with certain required personal information, the User may not be permitted to obtain certain services or access certain software offered by Sentry Assurance.

Information use

Sentry Assurance may use Personal Information it has collected through its website and software for or in order to, among other things, (a) provide a User with a service or software offered by Sentry Assurance or one of its subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners, (b) measure a User’s interest in certain services or software or to inform a User about a service or software offered by Sentry Assurance or one of its subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners, (c) understand a User’s preferences in order to enhance a User’s experience with Sentry Assurance or one of its subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners, (d) measure and attempt to predict the effectiveness of the marketing, advertising and sales effort of Sentry Assurance or one of its subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners.


In addition to the foregoing, if a User has provided its e-mail address to Sentry Assurance or to a company Sentry Assurance has partnered with to make their products and services available to the User, Sentry Assurance may send the User e-mail offers. Also, Sentry Assurance may also send a User e-mail offers if the User has provided its e-mail address to a third party and has actively chosen or requested, on an opt-in basis, to receive e-mail offers from other parties.

Sentry Assurance does not, however, provide a User’s e-mail address to its business partners. Sentry Assurance may, however, send a User offers on behalf of its subsidiaries, affiliates, and business partners. When Sentry Assurance sends e-mails to a User, Sentry Assurance may be able to identify information about a User’s e-mail address, including without limitation whether a User can read graphic-rich html e-mails. If a User’s e-mail address is html-enabled, Sentry Assurance may choose to send a User graphic-rich html e-mails.

Information sharing and disclosure

Sentry Assurance uses all information collected from a User for internal purposes only. Sentry Assurance does not and will not sell or rent your Personal Information to anyone. Sentry Assurance may, from time to time, send Personal Information about a User to other persons or entities that perform services on behalf of Sentry Assurance (“Service Providers”), but only when:

  • The Service Provider has agreed to use such information solely for the purposes of providing services to Sentry Assurance;

  • The Service Provider agrees to protect such information in the same manner as the policies set forth in this Policy Statement;

  • Sentry Assurance has obtained the User’s consent to share the information;

  • Sentry Assurance needs to share the User’s information in order to provide the service the User has requested;

  • Sentry Assurance needs to send the information to a Service Provider who works on behalf of Sentry Assurance to provide a service to you.

Unless Sentry Assurance informs a User otherwise, a Service Provider does not have any right to use the Personal Information Sentry Assurance provides to them beyond what is necessary to assist Sentry Assurance, or in response to a legal obligation including without limitation a subpoena, court order or Sentry Assurance believes that the law requires disclosure, or where the information is currently in the public domain.

Maintenance and security of Personal Information

Sentry Assurance holds all of the Personal Information in the United States at this time. Sentry Assurance keeps a User’s Personal Information for as long as Sentry Assurance determines necessary to fulfill the objective for which it was collected. Said Personal Information is maintained on Sentry Assurance systems that are protected using industry standard security measures. Unfortunately, however, Sentry Assurance cannot and does not guaranty that the information submitted to, maintained by or transmitted from Sentry Assurance is or will always be completely secure, as transmission of information over the internet is oftentimes susceptible to potential interception, misuse, willful and/or negligent acts or omissions, misrouting, or possible loss.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Sentry Assurance may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. If Sentry Assurance makes any substantial changes in the way it uses a User’s Personal Information, then Sentry Assurance will post a prominent announcement on its website. Any such changes shall be effective from the date of posting of any revisions hereto as well as to any existing information then being retained by Sentry Assurance.

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