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Our Methodology

Our proven roadmap and ability to execute are widely recognized in the market. We are intensely aware of the demands on your business while balancing an audit. Providing an audit or assessment in a high-quality way with the least impact on your team as possible is what sets us apart.

Engagement Step

The Sentry Difference

Plan: Once you have selected us as your audit partner, and we have completed the agreement, we will begin the engagement with our planning process.  During the planning process we will gain a further understanding of your company, and define a granular project plan consisting of a timeline, project milestones, communication channel definition, and other important factors giving you and your team the information of the who, what, when, why, and how of the engagement.

We believe that the planning process is the foundation to a successful engagement.  We train our team that an efficient, quality, and on time engagement is the bare minimum requirement.  During the planning process we aim to go above and beyond by understanding your business, your compliance objectives and motivations, and technology environment at a deeper level in order to not only provide you with a quality audit, but also recommendations on improvements to consider  to help your business gain efficiencies along the way.

Execute: At the beginning of the planned engagement, we will hold a kickoff meeting to mark the official start of the project and gain an understanding of any last minute changes to the environment, and project as a whole.  After our kickoff meeting, we will commence fieldwork of the engagement where we will conduct process walkthroughs, gather evidence, and perform our test procedures. After we have performed our test procedures, we will work with you to evaluate any identified exceptions.  We will end the execution phase with a closing meeting communicating the results to all relevant stakeholders.

The execution phase is the bulk of the engagement as a whole.  This is where we leverage our “Big 4” training and experience to provide you with a quality and efficient audit.  We will use our decades of experience to minimize the impact of the audit on your team, while still providing you with a quality audit with results you can provide to all of your stakeholders.

We understand going through an audit process for the first time can be daunting; we will make the process as seamless as possible by minimizing the number of meetings, minimizing the number of evidence items requested, and minimizing the interaction required by your team with our auditors.

Report: After the conclusion of fieldwork, we will move into the reporting phase.  This is where we will work to provide you with a complete, accurate, and quality deliverable that abides by all relevant standards based on the compliance framework we are working on.

We will provide you with a professional, quality deliverable that you are proud to provide to your stakeholders.

We know it can be daunting to work through this phase, so our team of experts will work with you on the information we need from you for the deliverable to make the reporting process as efficient and as seamless as possible.

Post Engagement: After we issue the final report, we will officially close the engagement.

Sentry Assurance firmly believes in building relationships with our clients.  After we have completed your engagement, we hope that we will have shown you that we are a trusted partner that can support you in your business in whatever cybersecurity initiatives you and your business are pursuing for years to come.

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